About Mark Lyndon, Recovered paper

Strategically located in Rotterdam, our office benefit from being at the epicenter of Europe’s logistics, the gateway to Europe.

Rotterdam has the largest port in Europe, with over 10 million TEU’s handled every year, an area expanding more than 100 square kilometers stretching over a distance of 40 kilometers and serving every major port in the world.

With an integrated logistic network and in the heart of shipping industry, this allows us to build very strong relationships ensuring that we are quoted competitive freight rates to ship the best quality material on the market for our customer. 


We have a fully developed logistics team that contracts and works with all service providers directly: carriers, truckers, custom brokers, barge operators and terminal operators. Bypassing the middle men within our logistics procedure allows us to have total control and perfect traceability of all our recovered paper at all times.

In a time where recovered material traceability has been a very hot topic, we stand one step ahead of the competition on this aspect of the business too.

Our dedicated procurement team is on the road 24/7, building long lasting business relationships with all suppliers on the whole European Continent, inspecting the material onsite and relentlessly searching for new opportunities in order to expand our market share within this extremely exciting industry.

Our office boasts a very international environment with 17 FTE of 7 different nationalities speaking 10 languages, allowing us to develop strong commercial and cultural ties to all our service providers and suppliers in Europe.

Mark Lyndon